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At Fredericksburg Battlefield


Hello my name is Amelia Shaffer. I am from the small town of Radford, Va and come from a family of six. I am avid hiker and hope to hike the Appalachian Trail someday. I am a junior at the University of Mary Washington, where I am majoring in History and currently in the Elementary Education 5 year program. After I finish school and receive my master I hope to be teaching a class of fourth or fifth graders.

My family and I

Since I was young I have always wanted to be a teacher. As a kid I would have my younger sister, act as my student and I would teach her lessons. Teaching is also in my blood, as my paternal grandparents were both teachers. My grandfather was high school history teacher and while my grandmother was a special education teacher.. Even though I have always wanted to become a teacher, it was not until my first education course at UMW that I realized why. It was not because I wanted to have a cool classroom or because I liked kids, I want to be a teacher because I want to make a difference. I want to make difference in not only a kid’s life but adifference in the world. What better way to make a difference, than to help students be better leaders than the ones before them.

My friends and I hiking at Grayson Highland’s State Park

Coming from a small town I have always wanted to learn more about life outside of Radford. This yearning led me, to my love for history.  History to me was reading stories of those who lived in far away places or stories of those that demanded change and made a difference. My love for history was nutured by my father who took me to museums, battlefields, de-comissioned ships, and memorials across Virginia and the East Coast. Every new museum or historical site was the introduction of new people and their lifes beyond Radford. History was my way to discover the world outside of my small town.

I knew I wanted to teach history, the minute I was excepted into the elementary education program. I could see myself, in a couple years teaching about the Constitution or the American Revolution. They say to teach what you love, and I love history. History as always been there to calm my curious mind. I hope to instill that love and curiosity for life in my students. I am just an aspiring elementary teacher who has an love for history.

At the top of Charles Bunion Mountain at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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